Become a Shareholder

Join the Red Circle Shareholder family

Benefits to Shareholders

  • The collective buying power of the group
  • Lower everyday pricing
  • The ability to access suppliers who would not normally deal with the industry or individuals
  • Central billing
  • Low cost operation
  • All profits returned to shareholders
  • Communications to the group

Further Shareholder Benefits

  • Monthly promotional program
  • Cheaper consumables
  • Competitive insurance premiums
  • Networking conference with suppliers
  • Access to business support for merchandising, category management etc
  • Peer support from fellow dealers


To maximise your business profits, both directly (lower pricing) and by way of rebate, shareholders are encouraged to identify their suppliers from the suppliers list e.g. if you are paying your local milkman you are missing out on:

Discount off invoice

  1. The rebate to your company.
  2. Having your total milk sales taken into account for your pro-rata rebate   sales.

Company to negotiate better pricing on volume and in turn increase your rebate.

Suppliers are broken into two categories:

  1. Preferred – Suppliers who we have negotiated terms with which include a discount off invoices and a rebate to the Company.
  2. Accredited – Suppliers whose accounts we pay for you and may contribute to your rebate.

Both types of suppliers increase your pro-rata spending with the Company.

Red Circle is committed to providing your business with the best prices on a wide range of products and services.