Become a Supplier

Become a Red Circle Supplier today

Benefits of becoming a Supplier


  • Presentation of product / service at one central point.
  • Recommendation from the Red Circle Board to shareholders of product / service to be used.
  • Ongoing communication to the whole group through one body.
  • Collective purchasing power of the group.
  • Centralizes billing and payment.
  • Low cost administration of client base.
  • Over 350 sites throughout New Zealand.

Suppliers wishing to offer product or services to the Group should first contact the CEO. If in his opinion the product is suitable for the Group it will then be assessed and trading terms issued.

Approved Suppliers delivering product to sites must:

  • Leave a priced packing slip or delivery docket on site.
  • Forward a copy of the invoice to Red Circle/CSB as soon as possible after the transaction.
  • At month end send a statement showing charges to sites and identifying them by site number and name. (An email file transfer option will be available)
  • This charge is then placed on the Shareholders Account which is sent to them along with the suppliers copy of the invoice/packing slip. The account is mailed (emailed if required by you) on the 13th of the month.
  • If charges are correct, the Supplier is paid less an agreed rebate by direct credit to their nominated account on the 27th of the month following delivery to site.
  • Credits or disputed accounts are first dealt with by Shareholders direct with Supplier. Failing resolution of the matter Red Circle accounting staff will attempt to resolve the dispute.
  • Management and Staff at Red Circle work towards establishing a good rapport with Suppliers. It is our object to communicate well and create a win-win environment for our Shareholders and Suppliers alike.

Please contact us if you would like more information.